Lifenet Alert Systems Web Advertisements

Lifenet Web Advertisements
Lifenet Web Advertisements


Lifenet Alert Systems Web Advertisements
Freelance Remote

The CEO of Lifenet wanted me to create web advertisements to promote Lifenet Medical Alert Systems online. The first thing I did was to go on google search for and see what competitors were doing for their advertisements. I followed the same color scheme from the logo, but also included vibrant colors within the same color family to grab the viewers attention. The emphasis was on coming across as friendly, reliable, and a company that you can trust with your loved ones. I was able to achieve that through the use of imagery that I sourced from Shutter stock for the specific age group targeted and friendly photo of a customer service representative smiling. The use of buttons within the advertisements helps to make sure that the consumer can easily click on them and be directed to website to place their order or receive more information.

Design: Web Advertisements
Client: Lifenet Alert Systems
Programs: Photoshop

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