Aon Benefits Poster

Aon Benefits Poster
Aon Benefits Poster


Aon 2015 Benefits Fair Poster & Social Media Advertisement
Aon Affinity Travel • Jericho, NY

Aon wanted a poster design for the 2015 Benefits Fair! that could be used around the office, as well as on social media. The poster was designed to make the employees aware of the upcoming benefits fair and to inform themselves of the benefits available. I read the copy that was provided and from there I went on to Shutterstock to find imagery that would highlight all the different aspects that the benefits fair had to offer. I choose to go with bold colors and typeface from Aon Brand Guidelines that would go well with the imagery. The emphasis was placed on 2015 Benefits Fair! heading, the date it would be held, and the location with the time.

Design: Poster
Client: Aon Affinity Travel
Programs: Photoshop and Indesign