The Enchanted Journey Coloring Book

I thought to share some of the illustrations that I have colored so far from The Enchanted Journey Coloring book by Colorama that I received for Christmas last year. The book pages are sized at 8.5″H x 8″W x 0.5″D, which makes it fairly easy to carry with you and I find much faster to color in. The variety of designs range from secret garden paths, hidden treasures, mystical forest creatures, fairies, castles, water worlds, and more. I really enjoy coloring in this wonderful book, it’s a great addition to my other coloring books. To color in the illustrations I use Marco Raffine colored pencils, which go on smoothly and then I blend in the colors using mineral oil with stumps and tortillons.


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Maya classes at the Builders Brewery update

Builders Brewery

The classes that are given at the Builders Brewery in Second Life by the instructor OptimoMaximo, are every Tuesday and for me personally they have been really helpful as a refresher for me. I have attended three of the four classes that he has given, he takes his time to explain each of the steps of what he is showing you and helps you if you are lost. The Builders Brewery is a wonderful place for those of you who are new to 3D design and want to learn how to create models, clothing, buildings, etc… The community that surrounds the sim and the people there are always willing to answer your questions and help out. If you would like to see what calendar of Educational classes or events looks like make sure to check out the following link, Calendar of Classes/Events.

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Progress on creating clothes for Second Life

My progress has been good thus far with trying to learn my way around Blender and Marvelous Designer for creating clothes for Second Life. It has been an interesting journey to try to understand how Blender works and where everything is compared to Maya. I would have to say that Maya at first was really tough to get around back when I took classes this was around 7 years ago in College. So any 3D program that you’re trying to learn is going to take a lot of patience as well as trial and error. I made a small video to show you what my first dress came out to look like after tweaking it for hours. I will post all the links to where you can get Blender, which is a free 3D program, Marvelous Designer, and of course my Instagram account if you would like to follow my progress on there. After hours of looking for tutorials on YouTube I found Manwa Pastorelli videos to be the best source and they really help to show you step by step on how to go about creating clothes for Second Life. Once I get more comfortable with Marvelous Designer, I will tackle trying to do the same process in Maya to compare it to Blender and see which program I like the best. I wish I could get MayaStar add-on for Maya to see how it works, but right now I have to save my money for personal reasons. I hope the links to the tutorials will help someone out just like they helped me, let me know what you think about Blender and if you have any recommendations on creating clothes for Second Life.


Marvelous Designer


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