Crocheting Cozy leg warmers for winter

Colorful legwarmers
Colorful legwarmers
















In the fall time there is nothing better than cozying up on your couch and crocheting for winter, especially when it comes to making yourself some leg warmers. I just love picking out yarn that is colorful and trying out new patterns, for this project I went with some multi color yarn for the leg part and for the edge a light pink yarn. I’m so happy with how the legwarmers turned out, next I will have to make myself a winter headband ill make sure to write down what yarn and pattern I use next.

Happy crocheting everyone!

Adorable kids package design | Diseño de paquete de niños adorables

The Abra Kadabra! package design for pancake and crepes mix is adorable, its cute rabbit and colors really pop. It makes me want to be a kid all over again, I really like how the designer presented the rabbit character on the packaging. The different locations that the pancakes or crepes are being held by the rabbit was a really good idea.

¡El Abra Kadabra! paquete de diseño de mezcla de panqueques y crepes es adorable, su lindo conejo y colores realmente pop. Me dan ganas de ser una niña de nuevo, me gusta cómo el diseñador presentó el conejo carácter en el envase. Los diferentes lugares que los panqueques o crepes son retenidos por el conejo era una buena idea.

Design by: CLINIC 212
Account: Daumantas Kairys
Creative: Mindaugas Juozapavičius, Auksė Šukevičiūtė
Art Direction: Aidas Šumskas
Packaging Design: Aidas Šumskas
Client: Malsena

The Enchanted Journey Coloring Book

I thought to share some of the illustrations that I have colored so far from The Enchanted Journey Coloring book by Colorama that I received for Christmas last year. The book pages are sized at 8.5″H x 8″W x 0.5″D, which makes it fairly easy to carry with you and I find much faster to color in. The variety of designs range from secret garden paths, hidden treasures, mystical forest creatures, fairies, castles, water worlds, and more. I really enjoy coloring in this wonderful book, it’s a great addition to my other coloring books. To color in the illustrations I use Marco Raffine colored pencils, which go on smoothly and then I blend in the colors using mineral oil with stumps and tortillons.


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