Maya classes at Builders Brewery Sim in Second Life

Builders Brewery Maya Classes

The class over at Builders Brewery sim in Second Life today was a great refresher for me, it had been quite a while since I had gone into Maya. The instructor really took his time answering everyone’s questions and demonstrating all the steps one by one, which is crucial if you are trying to learn any 3D program. It was the second class out of nine that take place every Tuesday at 10 am pacific time, if you want to join the next class or just stop by the sim and see what it has to offer, I will post the links below to class schedule and to the sim location. If you want to partake in the next class you need to have Maya 2016 installed and of course Second Life viewer, which you can get as a student for free for three years by going to their website and registering as student by clicking on the following link address Maya. If you have any questions or comments make sure to leave them in the leave a reply box below.

Builders Brewery Sim location

Builders Brewery schedule of classes

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