Digital coloring books

The craze nowadays has been adult coloring books, you can walk down the aisles of Michaels or Joann’s craft stores and find just about any type of coloring books. I do have to say that it’s pretty cool to see all the various types of illustrations. It makes you just want to grab more than one, take out your color pencils and give it a go. But for those of you that are looking for a new approach without having to purchase paper and pencils, there’s another alternative, that’s where digital coloring books come into play. A San Diego based studio called Pixite, has developed an app called Pigment, which you can install on your iPhone or iPad. It brings you the availability to just sit down anywhere without having to lug around your coloring book and pencils, and just start coloring away. The Pigment app is designed to offer a real life feel of coloring but in a digital way, it works best when used with the iPad Pro and the Apple pencil stylus. The app comes with 65 free pages that you can start coloring away on, it also offers a subscription based of $5 a month or just pay $25 dollars a year. The studio also has many wonderful tutorial posts on their blog. It’s a wonderful way to just sit down, unwind, and relax by coloring away. I see the Pigment app becoming very popular and would definitely love to try it myself. I do hope that it will become available on Android devices in the future.

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