My Obsession with Stationary-Planners, Lisa Frank, Stickers

My first encounter with a planner was when I came to the United States and my third grade teacher told us how important it was to be organized. I became fascinated with Planners, Lisa Frank stickers, and later found Japanese/Korean as I got older. I always remembered being drawn to the cute colors, as a child its all about colors especially when your so young. Ever since the third grade I’ve been extremely organized whether it be with household chores, groceries, work, etc… Its a state of mind. Well now years later I have a collection of stationary that I’ve compiled over the years. My collection ranges from Sailor Moon Planners/Morning Glory, Hello Kitty Pens/Paper, Stickers, Folders, I will post flickr album for stationary/books in this post below.

I just love being on Pinterest I always search for Kawaii items just the other day I came across these beautifully organized planners. I had to know what they were and how I can get one (that is when I decided which one its always so hard to pick). Well apparently there’s different brands out there such as the Filofax, Erin Condren, Kikki-K, Franklin Covey to name a few. I have a couple of Planners from when I was in High School that have cute stickers, papers, pens, dividers that I created by purchasing over the years. So of course the internet is amazing and Pinterest since everything is just right there one search away thank you Pinterest creator(s). I still buy Lisa Frank items even if Im in my 20’s I saw a coloring book at Michaels and it was a dollar o(O.O)o of course I bought it. So getting back to Planners wow the range of cute stickers, tabs, pen tapes, paper, printable’s, etc… its amazing theres these cute cat sticky notes to die for. The sky is the limit I can’t wait until I decided which planner to buy and start having fun customizing it. If any of you have any suggestions which planner is better than the other please let me know, I’m more than happy to hear from you all.

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