Stationary-Password Tracker

On Pinterest there’s so many cool password trackers, but what I didn’t see was one that was compact and easy to fold in half and staple down middle. I decided to create a Password Tracker that would be easy to print and help in organizing my passwords as well as your’s. The color scheme that I went for was subtle pink and purple tints to have a calming effect. I hopped on over to its my go to swatches site make sure to check it out. I took a look around to see what swatches caught my eye, I decided to go for Shades of Magic. I then went on to started searching for flowers that would go with the color scheme that I had chosen. I really love Cherry Blossoms so I decided to go with a pretty design from there. I fired away Illustrator and Indesign started designing the password tracker. I found that it really helps when the pages are organized alphabetically, right now I’m using a cute Hello Kitty notebook that my Mom got me years ago. Its cute and compact but its laking the organization part and flexibility along the spine. The pages go flying around after it detaches from the spine, which is a nuisance. You can print out the Password tracker single sided (if your printer doesn’t have duplex option) or double sided if it does. Once you print them all out you can staple them along the spine (middle of the book on the front) with staple opened. This is so that the staples look neat when pressed down and are facing the inside of the tracker. I hope you enjoy the Password Tracker, please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions. If you would like any other specific type of organization printable let me know in the comments. I will be creating more free cute stationaries that you can all use.



Click on the Image to download or Password Tracker.
Password Tracker
Password Tracker

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