Water Origami

I was amazed when I found out that there is a Wet Folding technique that can be done with origami. I have a passion myself for origami that started when I was just a little girl, my mom would make me boxes and all sorts of curious things. Later in high school I was introduced to more complex forms in art club. Apparently an artist named Hoàng Tiến Quyết creates sculpture like origami with this wet folding technique. According to Art Encyclopedia:



This is a sculptural technique used in order to create models with gentle curves (ex. animal models) rather than geometric creases and flat surfaces. The paper is first dampened to allow it to be molded more easily, and the completed model retains its shape when it dries. The adhesive used is known as “size” it is often applied to the paper to make modeling easier. Size is soft and flexible when wet but crisp and hard when dry.


The Wet origami is beautiful to look at; my favorite one from his creations is the horse. The way your eye looks at the colors and shapes is mesmerizing.



Bored Panda




Origami: The Art of Paper Folding History, Types, Origamists (Origami Paper Folding: History, Types, Origamists)

4 thoughts on “Water Origami

  1. I Love this horse! You know how much I love horses, and this one is so beautiful. I like your blog, it is very interesting.


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