Luring of Magical Book: Part Three

I finished reading Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen this week and just wanted to share with you what I thought about it. All sorts of unexpected turns came about towards the end of the book, which I wasn’t expecting at all. Josey Cirrini a do as you are told young woman matured and let go of her fears that were holding her back one of which was her mother. Josey is in love with her mailman Adam. Della Lee local waitress decides to hide in Josey’s closet she lets her stay, along the way Della Lee helps Josey. Chloe a sandwich owner becomes friends with Josey. She is devastated over the fact that her boyfriend Jake slept with another woman. All three woman are connected to one another and they help each other out as story progresses.



Josey and Adam’s relationship blossoms with the help of Della Lee and Chloe. Chloe helps to open up Adam’s eyes to the fact that Josey has been in love with him for quite some time. Josey at first believes that Adam couldn’t possibly be interested in her.  But over time its clear that he starts to fall in love with her as well. One of my favorite parts in the book is when they were building a snow man outside her house late at night even though it was against rules.


As the story progresses you find out that Josey’s mother was in love with cab driver but protected him from her husband’s wrath. Josey’s own mother removes her own shackles and finally starts seeing her lost love the cab driver. As for chloe she if Josey hadn’t saved her from Julian you can only imagine what would have happened. Adam finally told Josey what he had been hiding as well, which was that he had been injured on Bald Slope and had been a prominent lawyer back in Chicago. That he couldn’t go out traveling the world like he used to, but that instead wanted something steady without fear of getting hurt again.


I was in utter shock at finding out that Della Lee was actually a ghost this entire time that she was in Josey’s closet. I really wasn’t expecting that at all I was like what o(O.O)o shock factor 5x. I did ponder at times how Helena didn’t catch her when she went lurking throughout the house late at night. The fact that Helena made all these anti spirit or evil talismans to ward off whatever was in the house should have raised flags, but instead I just brushed it off thinking that Della Lee was just really sneaky. The fact that she killed herself and had been in the water so long and that you only find out about it towards the end made the story much more impactful.


As for Chloe I loved the fact that she grew as a woman and finally was able to get the house of her dreams. In the process she finally told someone that being Josey about her book magic that they just showed up and followed her everywhere. Chloe told her that she hadn’t purchased a book since she was very young and that they were part of her life. Chloe finally forgave Jake and found out why he had slept with another woman was out of pity. I wasn’t expecting that at all either but it tied in well as to why it had to be a secret or else trial would have been in jeopardy.


Josey and Adam got married which was a wonderful end to the story. Josey was still was able to see Della Lee at times, it ties into the fact that Josey, Della Lee, and Chloe are sisters that they have magic surrounding them and are connected with one another.


Its a must read book, if you enjoyed any of Sarah Addison Allen’s books you will definably be sure to enjoy this book.


I will be reading The Peach Keeper and The Girl Who Chased the Moon next. Just have to pick them up from the library this weekend. I can’t wait I just get sucked into Allen’s books they are a wonderful escape from everyday life and bring magic and wonder.



Happy Reading o(^____^)o.




Sarah Addison Allen

The Sugar Queen


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