Luring of Magical Book: Part Two

I finished reading First Frost the sequel to Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen thought I would share what I enjoyed about it. I liked how the new and old characters progressed throughout the story, everyone evolved. The Waverley’s finally found out who that mysterious man was that was lurking around their house. The mysterious man couldn’t con Claire into believing that she wasn’t a Waverley even though I did have my doubts about whether she was going to believe him. I’m so glad that she decided to call on her sister Sydney and tell her what was going on. It’s always so important to rely on one’s family no matter what situation you are in. The truth will always be revealed, Claire finally decided that the candy business wasn’t what made her happy. So she decided to go back to catering which made everyone so happy. Sydney has found that her magic is in doing people’s hair and she eventually does get what she’s been asking for a baby by how I won’t say. You don’t get to see too much of Tyler or Henry in First Frost but only glimpses. As for Bay she got out of her shell, she became closer to Josh Matteson and he opened up to her which was really nice. At the end he had to make a decision whether to be part of her family or live up to his families expectations. I won’t ruin the story for you it’s so good you must read it yourself to see the ending.
As for The Sugar Queen another wonderful book by Allen, I’m currently up to chapter 6. I will make sure to post an update in the coming weeks on how I felt about it. So far I really enjoy reading it, it feels different from Garden Spells and First Frost. I really like Josey as a character she has a lot of potential for growth, I hope she unshackles herself from her past and decides to go for love with Adam her mailman. Della Lee I hope frees herself from Julian and leaves Josey’s closet that she’s currently living in. As for Chloe she’s a very interesting character what with her magical books appearing at out nowhere and bugging her to read them. I hope she gets back together with her boyfriend. I can’t wait to see how this book unravels itself.
Happy Reading o(^____^)o.



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