Luring of Magical Book

My husband and I were at our public library Hillside Public Library in New Hyde Park,NY picking up some books that he wanted to read. I was immediately drawn to one book in particular this has been the second time in my life that this has happened to me. The other time was when I volunteered back in High School when the library used to be at elementary school. That book had been the Priestess of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley an amazing and magical book to read. Well this time I was drawn to Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen, it’s a wonderful book. It’s about Waverley Family and the mysterious magic that surrounds an apple tree in their backyard. All sorts of things happen to those who eat Claire’s catering which has a magical effect on them. I really enjoyed reading this book I read it within a couple of days it was so addicting, I didn’t want to put down the book just wanted to keep on reading. It’s so strange that this book called out to me perhaps its mother natures way of showing me the correct path to follow. To read a book filled with mystery, magic, love, and family is just what I needed.


After I was done reading I wanted to read more and lucky enough Allen has just released a sequel to this wonderful novel as of January of this year. You can imagine my joy and happiness at finding this out, she also has many more wonderful books. So I went back to the library to pick up the sequel First Frost along with The Sugar Queen (2008). So far I’m up to chapter 4 in First Frost since its only a 2 week loan book. I have to go back this week to renew it if I don’t finish it in time, it’s a little slow compared to Garden Spells. It’s finally picking up though I noticed that it’s mostly surrounding Bay, which is Claire’s niece. The events leading up to First Frost makes the Waverley’s do and act strangely just like the apple tree. Sydney’s daughter Bay has always known where things are meant to be and she knows that’s she’s meant to be with a certain boy. In the town a mysterious man shows up and starts appearing near the Waverley household, I do wonder who this man is, I bet he’s someone of importance in their lives. Allen’s books are truly enchanting I can’t wait to read all of them, but I must pace myself haha. I will post an update(s) depending on when time allows now since we have such lovely weather in New York finally. A great website that has book reviews, recommendations, and you can save books that you want to read is I will post links to Sarah Addison Allen’s website, along with where you can buy her books. I’m sure your local library also carries most of her book, if you want to save and I always find it a wonderful way of supporting your local library to visit. Until next time o(^____^)o.



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