Beautiful Fairytale Paintings

The beauty of Stephanie Law’s watercolor paintings is like you’ve been sucked into another world, a world filled with all sorts of magic. The uses of gold leaf make it a wonderful addition to the paintings atmosphere. I’m definitely going to purchase a painting from her Etsy store or a print. It gives light and brings in happiness to viewers seeing these paintings. The paintings apparently tie in with her love for Mythology. I absolutely love Mythology back in college I was amazed by history behind all the paintings and artworks. The fact that law likes to keep on improving is inspiring, as an artist myself we are always striving to keep on learning and making ourselves better at our art. My two favorite watercolor paintings that she has created so far are:
Is so tranquil the colors just calm you and want you to go and rest with the honeybee.
Makes me want to be part of that world and be there with the lady and deer.



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