Free Design Books

When it comes to design books you can never have too many. A couple of books that I downloaded for Free are the following:
  • The Creative Aid Handbook by Kooroo Kooroo
  • Pixel Perfect Precision (PPP) Handbook by design agency ustwo
  • Everything There is to Know about Logo Design by bluesodapromo
I came across these books on a blog post from Creativebloq. I thought it would be interesting to see what kind of free books are out there to further advance my design skills. The books are easy to read and really good to check out if you don’t have any or have tons of design books. It’s funny that these will be the first ever design books that I read digital. I usually buy my Design Books as I like have them on hand and there’s nothing like holding a real book in your hands. But nowadays it doesn’t matter everything is digital and good for Mother Earth.
The Creative Aid Handbook by Kooroo Kooroo was a breath of fresh air, I wasn’t expecting it to be so soothing and down to earth. It brought up subjects that my husband and I have discussed in past weeks or so. It really is an easy ready, the black and white format isn’t boring at all. I especially found the following sections wonderful:
  • How to Master Your Dream Domain (page 29)
  • What Music Does to the Brain (“Listening to music while you work is best medicine for concentration” page 58)
  • Travel Travel Travel (“We challenge you to the idea that if you are not traveling regularly and seeing other worldly things beyond your scope and neighborhood, you are drastically limiting yourself to the confines of what others would have you to believe.” page 61).
The Pixel Perfect Precision (PPP) Handbook by design agency ustwo was really enjoyable. I found myself learning quite a lot from baseline alignment to shapes, new Illustrator and Photoshop Techniques. It’s a great and easy read as well for both beginners and advanced designers. I especially like how it teaches you to better format your layers and naming techniques. My favorite sections are the following:
  • Pixel Perfect Details
  • Accessibility
  • Design and Development
  • Techniques
  • Organisation
  • Photoshop & ustwo
  • Illustrator
The Everything There is to Know about Logo Design by bluesodapromo, was very brief but helpful for beginning and advanced users. I liked the visual aids throughout the book and the minimalistic paragraph formats they used. It makes it easier to read and follow through the tips and techniques. I enjoyed reading all of the sections in this book its very informative and a must read.


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