Animal Planters & Netherlands Volunteer Cleanup

Its like BoredPanda has been reading my mind as of lately. I looked into my feed posts today guess what two topics that I’ve been thinking about this week. The first post was of Animal Planters made out of felt, so you pretty much put your plant into the cute fuzzy flower pots. The second post was really inspiring it’s about a man in the Netherlands named Tommy Kleyn who cleaned up a waterfront on his way to work every day. All he had to do was fill up one bag each morning for half an hour on his way to work. I was driving to work this morning and guess what trash everywhere along the roads it’s really sad. I’m determined to clean up whatever I can that going to be my goal to help mother earth. The thing that striked me the most was that after the waterfront was clear a beautiful Eurasian Coot started to nest there. Its wonderful what little we think we do can have a huge impact on life itself.

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