Hand Made Paper and Wood Sculptures

I was really amazed as I came across this wonderful article on Bored Panda of Handmade Sculptures created with paper and wood. The artist is truly impressive to take the time to cut out each feather and put together these wonderful real like sculptures. I absolutely find the hummingbird just lovely, the colors are so amazing and looks just like a real hummingbird. The artist apparently began making them to coincide with children’s book that they were writing. Its nice to see such a variety of birds, also how they are created so well and you can tell they are made with pure love. I will post links below to the main article and to the artists etsy shop. o(^____^)o


2 thoughts on “Hand Made Paper and Wood Sculptures

  1. Those are really beautiful! I went to the artist’s site and was so amazed at the work involved and how realistic they are! Thanks for sharing this!


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