Howl’s Moving Castle Book 1: Review

So I finished reading book one of Diana Wynne Jones Trilogy Howl’s Moving Castle and I loved the book it helped to fill in all those unresolved thoughts I had when I was younger about the movie by Studio Ghibli. I learned so much about Howl’s and Sophie’s past and how the events unraveled around them. I really enjoyed reading Jones book its so well written I literally almost couldn’t stop myself from putting the book down every night that I would start reading. To me that makes it an amazing book to read, it is rare that you find a book like this anymore. Usually I get really bored or I have to force myself to finish a book, but nope that didn’t happen with this book. I had seen the movie so many times and its my favorite movie of all time in Anime category. I am a pretty hard critic when it comes to movies & anime alike my love for movies is great. I just enjoy watching movies/anime greatly and reading since I was about 8 years old.


Lets get back to the book I really enjoyed learning about Sophie’s abilities her family and how the hat shop came to be. As well as why Letti was at the bakery, in the movie they don’t go into this much detail. I will not put too much specific information in this review as I believe that you should always read a book for yourself and make up your own opinions. I did like the fact that Markel was older and how he came to be Howl’s apprentice. I saw him grown up in my imagination, all the characters looked just like in the movie. I do like that Markel has a love interest and the whole drama of it all. I do wonder what I would picture them as if I had never seen the movie to begin with. It was by complete curiosity that I found out that the movie was actually part of a book series. So glad that I did cause its a wonderful read for any age. The story progresses pretty much the same like in the movie but there’s quite a lot that was taken out in the movie that was in the book. I do feel like the movie would have been greater if it followed the book more like it should have been a 2 part movie. In the movie Howl’s and Sophie’s feelings are shown earlier on but in the book it isn’t until the end that as a reader you start to realize that they care for one another. I think thats the one thing I liked more in the movie than in the book. You could sense that Sophie had feelings for Howl but in the book she was more reserved and so was Howl. In the book both of their families have a lot more involvement in their lives, in the movie you only get a glimpse. You learn a lot more about the witch of the waste as well, she’s a real villain in the book not so forgiving like in the movie. If your a Howl’s Moving Castle fan if you haven’t read the book definitely get a copy and read it because it will change your view of the movie for the better. It’s amazing how detailed it is and wonderfully easy to read. I’m looking forward to reading the next two books, I hope they are as easy to read as this one was. I will post my reviews on each one as I finish reading one by one. I look forward to sharing my views with you all.

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