Good Witch Series

My thoughts so far on the new Good Witch Series are good, theres a nice flow that you can tell in storyline. I like the new actors that they cast for the show, Bailee Madison as Grace is a natural for her part. I don’t know how I feel about James Denton as Dr. Sam Radford’s role yet I have to see how the story unfolds more.  Same goes for Rhys Matthew Bond as Nick Dr. Sam’s son, they moved from New York and are now new neighbors to Grey House where Cassie and her family live. The gifts that Cassie & Grace posses are explained more out in the open then they were in the movies which is rather nice. I feel like they are tying lose ends in the story line which I like as a long time viewer of the Good Witch. In the season premier you get to see nature of both Dr. Sam and his son Nick they at first are reluctant to change Dr. in not trusting Cassies Natural Medicinal ways and Nick in being rebellious and stealing school statue. As time progresses though with both Cassie and Grace’s influential guidance they start to see the error in their ways. I liked that the town dedicated a place to Cassie’s husband who passed away. It made me sad not seeing Chris Potter as Jake Russell Cassie’s Husband in the new premier but apparently he’s committed to another series that he’s been part of much longer. Regardless it didn’t upset me as much, but Im curious as to how he died I know that it was on the job since they were rather upset that Brandon was becoming a police officer just like his dad. The resemblance to the younger Brandon is remarkable now grown up that Dan Jeannotte plays. I am happy that Hannah Endicott-Douglas came back as Lori she has a great charm about her. I can’t wait to see what unravels on Saturdays new episode, I will probably blog about this weekends episode as well. Make sure to stop by Hallmark  Channel to learn more on the new series by clicking here

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