Crochet Bear

One of my coworkers was leaving to pursue her dream of teaching special education. I decided to create a little something for her transition into teaching, so I went on to youtube searching for a cute Amigurumi tutorial and behold I found a cute cupcake bear. It was so cute and adorable I had to make it for her, I thought of what color scheme to go with and went with variation of pink yarn. In this aspect it helps to be a designer, as I started making it I realized that I used a way too big of a crochet hook but went with it anyways. It was really easy to make I hadn’t made an Amigurumi in a really long time probably more than a year ago was the last time I made one. The bear came out adorable, for the eyes I had watched a tutorial maybe 2 years ago of someone making them out of glue sticks. So I decided to do that once the glue stick is hot you just have to push the barrel and let it become circular onto a piece of sticker paper that you may have laying around. I will make sure to post the links to all the tutorials in case you want to make one for yourself or someone special. Once the glue is cool on the paper I take the circular glue eyes then I take sharpie marker in black and color it in. If you have different color sharpies you can also make different color eye, I always seem to make the eyes black for some reason. I will have to try making different color eyes next time I make another Amigurumi. Once your Amigurumi is done make sure to use the glue stick to glue the eyes on to the bears head. The mouth you just take some felt cut into a circle then you use some sewing thread to make the mouth then you glue it onto the bear. Happy Crocheting everyone o(^____^)o!
Pattern from Ami’s blog (She also has a youtube video on how to make the bear)
Glue Stick eyes

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