Kusadama Origami

As the holiday season approaches I decided to once again make some Kusadama Origami ornaments. I came across this type of origami probably around 3 years ago while looking for other types of origami on the web. The site that I find really explains well how to fold is Folding Trees, they have great thorough instructions with great imagery. You can use regular paper or you can buy origami paper, they sometimes carry inexpensive paper at dollar stores, Michaels, any craft store should have them. I like to buy scrapbooking paper on sale at Michaels the big books and just cut down the paper into squares.


On the ones I created this year I once again visited freepik downloaded some Christmasy patterns went into Illustrator and made squares of different sizes, the bigger the square the larger your ornament will be. I then printed them out and cut them out with my trimmer that I bought from Michaels a couple months back. Once that part was done I started folding them, by now I don’t need the instructions as I know by heart how to fold them. For every ornament you need to fold 12 flowers afterwards you glue them together half way you get some ribbon which you tie into a knot and place it in the middle glue the rest of the pieces to close the ornament together. The whole process can take some time but its definitely worth it.


Folding Trees Tutorial there are two parts

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