What I love about Christmas

Its Christmas and I wanted to actually create a list of what I love about Christmas. So of course I went to freepik.com and searched for cute vectors that reflected my list of items. The list is very simple see below for the design, your asking why wouldn’t she create it from scratch? Well all the vectors like my husband says why go through all that trouble, if someone else has already created it for you. So I decided to lay it out instead make it cute looking in the spirit of Christmas, its very simple layout too. I learned in my years of designing that less is more. Its not good to clutter things just to get your point across you can do so much more with less. The only time that I do create my own designs is when I have time, lately Ive been a busy bee with Christmas gift wrapping and what not. I will be posting an Origami post, and I had a lot of fun folding hadn’t done Origami in a while.
Freepik (Vectors downloaded from here)

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