DIY Printable Bows

As Christmas is just around the corner I needed some cute Christmas Bows. I did a quick search on Pinterest came across a bunch of adorable easy to make bows. I decided to go with lia  griffith bows since she had a Paper Bows Template to download that I could edit myself. So I downloaded it opened it in Illustrator and downloaded a couple of free patterns from If you don’t know about freepik they have hundreds of free vectors that you can use for free. I printed my bows and cut them out, afterwards to assemble them its very easy. All you have to do is with the biggest bow bring in the edges into the middle glue them down. Afterwards then glue that bow on top of the middle one, then the smallest piece which brings the bow to completion glue around the center.
Above you can see how my bows came out once I was done with them. So cute aren’t they just love making things out of paper. I can’t wait to see my families faces when they see these cute bows on their presents for Christmas.
Lia Griffiths printable bows

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